What Is The Matchmaker's Triangle?

Business is a Process. Mastering it takes a Discipline. The Matchmaker’s Triangle provides the process and the discipline. The process, in the form of tools & rules. The discipline, in the form of a philosophy to guide you.
Because businesses are known by Who they sell, What they sell, and How they sell, The Matchmaker’s Triangle organizes the matchmaking relationships between these forces: The Who, The What, The How.

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Companies only have two jobs: Get New Customers, and Keep Them.
— Theodore Leavitt

Meet The Team


TED STEINBERG. Ted conceived of The Matchmaker's Triangle in 1959. He has utilized it, as a consultant, since 1982.  He is our chief navigator, opportunity architect, and adviser. Ted developed most of the curriculum for The Matchmaker's Triangle and is involved in many client projects.

MITCH GOOZÉ - If Ted is our chief navigator, Mitch steers the ship. His broad scope of business experience ranges from operations management in established firms, to start-up and turn-around situations and mergers. A seasoned general manager, he has headed divisions of large corporations and been CEO of independent firms, always focusing the company strategy on the most important person in business - the customer! He has been working with Ted since 1984.