Ted Steinberg's New Book Is Available at Amazon's Kindle Books

The Title of the Book is: "My First Customer Was A Squirrel.

The SubTItle is: Twenty Four Short Tales Worth Waggin'

The Price of The Book: $4.99.

Titles for some of the Stories: 

Adam Finds Work.

Double Jointed Peanuts Made A Sales Expert Out Of Me.

Is Hitler The Ultimate Brand?

Attention, Attention, Attention, Attention.

Sleeping Bags Under Your Eyes While Dreaming Of Genies.

 Revenue Bearing Creature. 

Self-Proclaimed Sales Experts Wanted.

Cowboy Arithmetic.

Lipstick on Your Forehead.

Poop Du Jour.

Why Marshall Fields Won't Chisel You.

Harelips Are Great at Sales.

Who Needs Sales & Marketing Expertise?

Customer's Objections Are Good For You.

Hunting Dogs & Sales Executives.

Unconventional Wisdom.

The Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder Business Philosophy.

Music for Our Ears