Coaching & Advisory Services

For Individuals, Groups, and Companies.

Coaching, Mentoring, Training. and Advice.

Based on The Matchmaker’s Triangle to focus your marketing, promotion, and sales activities, to assist you in reaching a universal objective: “to produce and maximize valuable customer relationships – on purpose, in any situation.”

  • Conducted by Telephone by one of our Management Consultants.
  • Conducted in Person, by the Management Consultant at client’s site, for additional fees and expenses.

Details = Terms, Conditions, Pricing for Services Conducted by Phone.

Based on one-to-one sessions, for individuals of their own account, or individuals within a group or company. Details for Groups & Companies, when more than one individual are involved in sessions, will be based on the client’s situation.

  1. Two Hours per week per individual.
    1. One Hour On-line Consulting: Coaching, Mentoring, and Strategizing).
    2. One Hour Off-line Home Work: Marketing, Promotion, and Sales.
    3. Includes Unlimited Access by phone or email with the individual:  5 – 15 minutes each time on any subject.
  2. Price is $625 per week for Individuals.
  3. Minimum Contract Duration is for 4 weeks = $2,500.
  4. Client may contract for additional, consecutive, 4 week periods.
    1. Enables clients to make us aware of their future needs, so we are available and don’t over book. (Meaning? We are spoken for.)
    2. We don’t fill the time for oncoming clients when we are spoken for.
    3. It gives us a view of our future work load and cash flow.
  5. Client pays all contracts in advance.
  6. Unused portion of a contract carries forward, without charge, as an addition to the subsequent time period which was contracted for. [Example = a client with a 24 week consulting agreement, payable at $2,500 every 4 weeks, has 24 additional weeks, after the last 4 week period to use our consulting services.]
  7. When a client is continuing to contract for services, the normal amount of $2,500 every 4 weeks is not reduced, even though the accumulation of unused services may be increasing. This means that the carry forward for unused services begins when the client notifies us that no additional contracts are forthcoming.