Our Dogma

10 Axioms = Self Evident Truths, so we say!

Beware of The Dogma!

Let’s face it, we have been accused of being dogmatic.

(Reminders while using The Matchmaker’s Triangle to develop integrated Marketing, Promotion, and Sales Activities.)

  1. Sales is a Matching Game. One Prospect. One Product. One Presentation.
  2. Customers only make two important decisions: 1) Do they want to buy from you? 2) In the way you want them to? Customers buy when they do, and not one second before. If you want to get more sales don’t close them. Let them and you will get them!
  3. Everybody Sells, whether they admit it or not. Especially those who need to convince you they wouldn’t be caught dead selling. None-the-less, Sales & Marketing People know they are in the business of selling!
  4. All Sales take place in the minds of the beholders, before their mouths tell you whatever it is they want to sell you on. Buyers sell themselves on whatever they want to do or not. Sellers buy into whatever they want to do or not.
  5. Companies only have two jobs: 1) Get New Customers, 2) Keep Them. You get new customers by making a promise. You keep them by keeping your promise.
  6. To make the promise, you need to get their attention and keep it. You get their attention via attractive offerings and activities. You keep their attention via acknowledging offerings and activities.
  7. Salespeople only have two jobs: 1) Open minds, 2) Keep them open. Salespeople open customers’ minds when they are interesting. Salespeople keep their customers’ minds open when they are interested. Being Interesting is Important, Being Interested is More Important.
  8. Marketing, Promotion, and Sales is a Process. Mastering it takes a Discipline. Marketing, Promotion, and Sales is a Customer Getting & Keeping Process. Our System, which is The Matchmaker’s Triangle, includes the Discipline.
  9. The Universal Objective of all Marketing, Promotion, and Sales Activities (The Process), is to consistently “Produce & Maximize Valuable Customer Relationships – On Purpose, in any selling situation.” No Matter What!
  10. Marketing is the Home Work. Selling is the test. You can avoid the homework. You can never avoid the test!