Our View of Business Development

Getting New Customers & Keeping Them, Defines Business Development!

Getting Customers & Keeping Them Is A Matchmaking Game!

(According to “Marketing Myopia,” by Theodore Leavitt, as published in The Harvard Business Review, 1960, “Companies only have two jobs: Get New Customers, and Keep Them.”)

  • Getting new customers and keeping them is a matchmaking game: One Prospect, One Product & One Presentation. This accounts for the three corners of The Matchmaker’s Triangle: The Who, What, & the How. (Who could be sold? What could be offered? How could they be sold?)
  • It is impossible to focus on any one corner of the triangle without thinking of the other two subjects, as well. Each subject has a variety of complexities, too. Because the possibilities of who, what, and how you could sell, are endless, it’s not easy to match your best what and how with your best prospects, which is why The Matchmaker’s Triangle was created by one of our founders, nearly 60 years ago. He wanted an all purpose, easy to use, brainstorming tool to coordinate his marketing, promotional, and selling activities.
  • When your matchmaking ability is outstanding, your business is, too.


The Matchmaker’s Triangle coordinates Business Development Activities.

Including Productizing, Marketing, Promotion, and Selling Activities. 

The Matchmaker’s Triangle focuses on two processes, The Fantasy Process & The Reality Process.

  • In The Fantasy Process, nothing can go wrong. Everything is possible. You can sell anyone you want (The Who), anything you want (The What), any way you want (The How). No matter what, which is why we call it The Fantasy Process.
  • The Reality Process, something can go wrong. It’s where you test your fantasies. If your Fantasies could become Real, Who would you want to sell? What would you want to sell them? How would you want to accomplish it? The Reality Process is where Possibilities become Plausibilities, and Plausibilities become Probabilities, and Probabilities become Actualities, and Actualities become a better Reality. Now you have a scalable model for reaching your objective.


The Matchmaker’s Triangle operates in Two Modes: Project Mode & Production Mode.

  • In project mode you are projecting the activities and results you intend to produce in production mode. Both modes consist of a nine step process for the purpose of reaching a universal objective: “to produce and maximize valuable customer relationships – on purpose, in any selling situation.”
  • The nine steps of The Project Mode & The Production Mode are: Preparation, Planning, Promotion, Prospecting, Beginning the Selling Presentation (event), Continuing the Selling Presentation (event), Finishing the Selling Presentation (event), Satisfying the Agreement, Expanding & Maximizing the Relationship. [These nine steps are universal. They have been in effect since commerce began, perhaps when Eve told Adam, “the party’s over, we need to find something to do.”]


The Matchmaker’s Triangle’s Activities Consist of Seven Levels of Craftsmanship.

Starting at the bottom and working your way up, these universal skills have been used, at one time or another, by everyone engaged in Marketing, Promotion, and Sales activities. [The quality of each ascending level is compounded by the quality of the preceding levels regardless of the complexity of the activities and the interaction with the customer.]

  • 7th Level = Linkability.
  • 6th Level = Matchmaking.
  • 5th Level = Selectivity.
  • 4th Level = Innovating.
  • 3rd Level = Order Taking.
  • 2nd Level = Peddling.
  • 1st Level = Begging.


How Can You Master Your Matchmaking Process?

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