Private Webinars & Seminars for Companies

Private Sessions - Tailored to a Company’s Specific Needs

In conjunction with our client, we determine what the client wants to achieve from the sessions.

Note: we offer Webinars & Seminars for Groups of Individuals and Groups of Companies. If this interests you, contact us.


  • Ten Private Sessions at $1,000 per session for as many attendees as client wishes. Each session is one hour each. Each session includes up to an additional hour, immediately thereafter, for Q&A or whatever.  
  • The Sessions are available in Two Series, 4 sessions for the 1st Series, and 6 sessions for the 2nd.  The Two Series are described under the following heading: "SUBJECT MATTER OF THE SERIES."
  • Private Sessions may include a combination of private webinars and onsite seminars when attendees are in different locations.
  • Pricing = $1,000 per Session for as many attendees as client wishes at no additional cost.
  • Registered Attendees participate with questions and opinions in a workshop atmosphere. They are licensed to use, on their own behalf, and on behalf of their company, the material and audio recordings.

Subject Matter of the Series

The System. The Matchmaker’s Triangle is a universal system for organizing Marketing, Promotion, and Sales Activities.

The Objective. The Matchmaker’s Triangle has a universal objective: “Produce & Maximize Valuable Customer Relationships – On Purpose, in any selling situation.” (No Matter What!)

1st Series: Four Foundation Sessions (1 hour each) [Using The Matchmaker's Triangle as a Pathfinding System.]

  1. Overview of The Tools, Rules, Procedures, and Rationale for The Matchmaker’s Triangle.
  2. Matchmaking for The WHO = Who else could be sold & Why?
  3. Matchmaking for The WHAT = What else could be sold & Why?
  4. Matchmaking for The HOW = How else could they be sold & Why?

2nd Series: Six Master Sessions (1 hour each) [Determining and Reaching the Client's Potential.]

Working with the Tools, Rules, and Procedures provided in The Matchmaker’s Triangle (with one objective): “to produce and maximize valuable customer relationships – on purpose, in any selling situation.” No matter what!

  1. Forces, Functions, Drawing Boards, Additional Tools, and Strategic Planning.
  2. Creating Innovative Mind Openers, Offerings, Activities, and Customer Experiences: Structured, Deliverable, Delivered, and Tested.
  3. Utilizing Project Modes & Production Modes: Developed, Implemented, Managed, and Monitored.
  4. Process Control – Part 1: Forecasting System: Developed, Implemented, Managed, and Monitored.
  5. Process Control – Part 2: The Hopper Tracking & Tabulating System: Developed, Implemented, Managed, and Monitored.
  6. Operating The Complete Process: Measuring, Monitoring, and Improving Revenue, Profits, and the Company’s Street Value.