Project Consulting & Development Services

Five Types of Project Consulting & Development Services

The Following Project Consulting & Development Services are produced by our use of The Matchmaker’s Triangle, including the various tools, rules, and methods.

These services are performed by one of our Management Consultants, by phone or in person (additional fees and expenses, if applicable).

Services 1 – 4 are provided in the sequence shown. The requirements for Special Projects, the 5th service, depend on the situation.

  1. Situational Assessment, Analysis & Recommendations:
    1. Time = 90 days, more or less.
    2. Pricing = $30,000, not less, if less than 90 days, nor more, if more than 90 days.
    3. Terms = 25% down = $7,500.
      1. Equal payment in 30/60/90 days
      2. Final payment due upon completion of the above “Situational Assessment, Analysis & Recommendations”
  2. Project Creation & Planning. (Pricing & Terms, as applicable)
  3. Project Implementation, Rollout, Management. (Pricing & Terms, To Be Determined, as applicable)
  4. Ongoing Monitoring (also available for Special Projects, below)
  5. Special Projects: (Pricing & Terms, as applicable)
    1. Working with suppliers, staff, and present & future customers.
    2. Recruiting & Training Assistance for Marketing, Promotional, Sales Personnel.
    3. Assistance with new product development.
    4. Testing the merits of new offerings, including selling on client’s behalf,
      1. Modifying Clients’ CRMs to include The Matchmaker’s Triangle’s tracking, tabulation, and response rating information.
      2. Hands-On Involvement to Accelerate Sales & Growth.
      3. Preparation of Executive Summaries for Clients as needed for major financing.