Public Webinars & Seminars

Public Webinars & Local Seminars – Not Company or Group Specific

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Terms & Conditions for Public Sessions:

  1. Ten Public Sessions, Delivered in Two Series. Total Duration = 18.0 hours.
  2. The 1st Series must be taken prior to the 2nd series. 
  3. Enrollment for each series in advance. (The order of sessions provided is shown in “Subject Matter of The Series,” below.)
  4. Attendees are licensed to use, exclusively on their own behalf, the material and audio recordings pertaining to the seminars for which they paid.
  5. Attendees are welcome to attend and participate, at a future time, at no cost, in any session for which they previously attended & paid for. Their input adds value.
  6. Attendees, who miss sessions, may take them later, at no additional cost, by attending the same sessions, given at other dates.

Pricing for Public Webinars & Seminars:

  • 1st Series = $1,180 per Enrolled Attendee. (4 Sessions: 1.5 hours each.)
  • 2nd Series = $2,370 per Enrolled Attendee. (6 Sessions: 2.0 hours each.)
  • Total = $3,550 per Enrolled Attendee. (10 Sessions: 18 hours.)

Special Pricing: 50% Discount per Additional Attendees, when brought by an Enrolled Attendee. 

Special Notes:

  1. Attendees may pay for one or both series at a time, in advance, upon enrollment, or before the respective series begins. 
  2. If attendees are not satisfied, their payments will be refunded. No obligation. No questions asked.

How may Attendees interact with presenters?

  1. During the Sessions: Webinar Based Chat is available for Q&A & Comments.
  2. After the Sessions (for up to one hour), Attendees may interact with presenters.


Subject Matter of the Series

The Matchmaker’s Triangle is a Universal System for organizing Marketing, Promotion, and Sales Activities.

The Matchmaker’s Triangle has one objective: “Produce & Maximize Valuable Customer Relationships – On Purpose, in any selling situation.” (No Matter What!)

1st Series: Four Basic Sessions  (1.5 hours each)

  1. Understanding The Tools, Rules, Procedures, and Rationale for a Universal System.
  2. Matchmaking for The WHO = Who else could be sold & Why?
  3. Matchmaking for The WHAT = What else could be sold & Why?
  4. Matchmaking for The HOW = How else could they be sold & Why?

2nd Series: Six Master Sessions (2 hours each)

Working with The Matchmaker's Triangle, to consistently reach the objective.

  1. Forces, Functions, Drawing Boards, Additional Tools, and Strategic Planning.
  2. Creating Innovative Mind Openers, Offerings, Activities, and Customer Experiences: Structured, Deliverable, Delivered, and Tested.
  3. Utilizing Project Modes & Production Modes: Developed, Implemented, Managed, and Monitored.
  4. Process Control – Part 1: Forecasting System: Developed, Implemented, Managed, and Monitored.
  5. Process Control – Part 2: The Hopper Tracking & Tabulating System: Developed, Implemented, Managed, and Monitored.
  6. Operating The Complete Process: Measuring, Monitoring, and Improving Revenue, Profits, and the Company’s Street Value.