We are Management Consultants. Our practice focuses on Business Development.

Our skill set is based on our proprietary tool set, which we call, "The Matchmaker's Triangle."

We work with a wide variety of clientele; from small businesses to large firms, government agencies and affiliate groups.

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Private sessions:
Webinars & Seminars

Private sessions are based on the specific needs of a company or a group of companies.
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Private Sessions may include a combination of onsite seminars and webinars when attendees are at different locations.

Coaching & Advisory services

Based on The Matchmaker’s Triangle to focus your marketing, promotion, and sales activities, to assist you in reaching a universal objective: “to produce and maximize valuable customer relationships – on purpose, in any situation.”
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Project consulting & development

The Following Project Consulting & Development Services are produced by our use of The Matchmaker’s Triangle, including the various tools, rules, and methods.
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